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Playmate Allison Parks in International Playboy Magazines

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Playboy Playmate's Portrait and Data Sheet

Playboy Playmate Allison Parks

Name: Allison Parks

Birthday: October 18, 1943

Birthplace: Glendale, California USA

Height: 168 cm (5' 6")

Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs)

Bust: 91.5 cm (36")

Waist: 61 cm (24")

Hips: 91.5 cm (36")

Playboy's Playmate of the Month Titles

Playboy USA October 1965 featured by Allison Parks, Penny James

Playboy USA October 1965

Playmate: Allison Parks (photography by Bill Figge)

Centerfold Photo: Allison Parks (photography by Bill Figge)

Covers featured by Allison Parks

Playboy USA December 1965 featured by Allison Parks

Playboy USA December 1965

Cover: Allison Parks (photography by J. Barry O'Rourke)

Playboy USA May 1966 featured by Allison Parks

Playboy USA May 1966

Cover: Allison Parks (photography by J. Barry O'Rourke)

Pictorials & Separate Photos featured by Allison Parks

Playboy Czech Republic December 2018 featured by Allison Parks, Eva Decastelo

Playboy Czech Republic December 2018

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Allison Parks (by Bill Figge); Morena Corwin (by Richard Fegley); Tereza (by Martin Šebesta)

Playboy USA January 1966 featured by Allison Parks, Patti Reynolds

Playboy USA January 1966

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playboy's Playmate Review 1965: Allison Parks, Pat Russo, Jennifer Jackson, Lannie Balcom, Dianah Willis, Sally Duberson, Patti Reynolds, Maria McBane, Sue Williams, Cay Collier, Hedy Scott, Jessica St. George (by Pompeo Posar, Mario Casilli, Edward DeLong, Bill Figge, Stan Malinowski, J. Barry O'Rourke); 'The Playboy Mansion' (by Larry Dale Gordon, Stan Malinowski, J. Barry O'Rourke, Pompeo Posar, Don Bronstein, Walter Kale, Al Urbonavicius)

Playboy USA May 1966 featured by Allison Parks, Allison Parks

Playboy USA May 1966

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playmate First Class: Jo Collins in Vietnam (by Larry Dale Gordon); Playmate of the Year 1966 Allison Parks (by Bill Figge)

Playboy USA December 1966 featured by Allison Parks, Nancy Gould

Playboy USA December 1966

Pictorials & Separate Photos: The Girls of Tahiti: Partricia Garcia, Mareva Merahi, Myriam Rydge, Sophie Taumihau, Caroline Marthern, Marie Here, Betsy Grigsby, Susie Bright, Maea Flohr, Awlina Tumahai, Annie Thiebaut, Carlosa Lee, Danielle DiLia, Lynn Lambertson, Rosine Copie, Paulette Lieou, Yolande Florh, Etsuko Yashimachi, Marcelle Wong, Mirielle Hart, Neyen Regaud, Vaea Bennett, Cindy Groenendyke, Helene Lee, Annie Typaia (by Mario Casilli, George Logue, Nelson Shawn, Pete Turner); 'Playboy on the Town in London' (by Shahrokh Hatami, Gerald Nieberg, J. Barry O'Rourke, Pompeo Posar, Alexas Urba, Jerry Yulsman); 'The History of Sex in Cinema: Part XIII'; Allison Parks

Playboy USA June 1971 featured by Allison Parks, Sharon Clark

Playboy USA June 1971

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Premier Playmates Revisited: Ellen Stratton, Linda Gamble, Christa Speck, June Cochran, Donna Michelle, Allison Parks, Lisa Baker, Jo Collins, Angela Dorian (Victoria Vetri), Connie Kreski, Claudia Jennings; 'Nude Theater' (by Max Waldman)

Playboy USA June 1979 featured by Allison Parks, Monique St. Pierre

Playboy USA June 1979

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playmates of the Year - Past Winners Take Another Bow: Ellen Stratton, June Cochran, Linda Gamble, Christa Speck, Donna Michelle, Jo Collins, Allison Parks, Victoria Vetri, Lisa Baker, Connie Kreski, Sharon Clark, Liv Lindeland, Claudia Jennings, Marilyn Cole, Cyndi Wood, Marilyn Lange, Lillian Müller, Patti McGuire, Debra Jo Fondren (by Mario Casilli, Richard Fegley, Mel Figge, Bill Figge, Edward DeLong, William Graham, Curt Gunther, Dwight Hooker, Pompeo Posar, Alexas Urba); The Magician of Lublin: Maia Danziger, Valerie Perrine, Alan Arkin (by Yoni Hamenachem); 'Dance-Hall Demoiselles' (by James Wedge)

Playboy USA April 1980 featured by Allison Parks, Shari Shattuck

Playboy USA April 1980

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playboy's Playmate Reunion: Cyndi Wood, Monique St. Pierre, Debra Jo Jondren, Liv Lindeland, Linda Gamble, Claudia Jennings, Lillian Müller, Jo Collins, Allison Parks, Lisa Baker, Janet Pilgrim, Vicki McCarty, Jayne Mansfield, Missy Cleveland, Terri Welles, Candy Collins, Victoria Cooke, Marianne Gaba, Janice Pennington, Connie Mason, Rosanne Katon, Kristine Hanson, Donna Michelle, Julie Woodson, Miki Garcia, Julia Lyndon, Dolly Read, Valerie Perrine, Candy Loving, Monique St. Pierre, Carol Vitale, Sondra Theodore, Teddi Smith (by John Barr, Brent Bear, Peter C. Borsari, A. Ace Burgess, Mario Casilli, David Chan, Mel Figge, Bill Figge, Edward DeLong, Larry Dale Gordon, William Graham, Dwight Hooker, Larry L. Logan, Pompeo Posar, Lawrence Schiller, Jim Selby, Ron Vogel, Julian Wasser); Women of the Armed Forces: Susan Gage, Lisa Ann Woolf, Kim Hempfield, Bambi Lin Finney, Karen Cary, Cindy Lutz, Rebecca Vissman (by David Chan, Nicholas DeSciose, Arny Freytag)

Playboy USA September-October 2018 featured by Allison Parks, Teyana Taylor

Playboy USA September-October 2018

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Homecoming: Katherine Singleton, Samantha Fernandez, Verity Miller, Devin Bender, Natasha Eklove (by Christopher von Steinbach); Jocelyn Corona (by Ruby Law); Gabriela Giovanardi (by Dove Shore); Allison Parks (by Bill Figge); Morena Corwin (by Richard Fegley); Sofia Boutella (by Patrick Maus); Emily Cassie (by Sasha Eisenman); Yeha Leung (by Kyle Deleu)

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