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Playboy Argentina 2006

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Playboy January-February 2006 Cover featured by Leticia Brédice

Issue: January-February 2006
Playmate: Jimena Fucks (photography by Paula Teller)
Cover: Leticia Brédice (photography by Martina Belaustigui)

Interview: Miranda
20Q: 1. Ozzy Osbourne / 2. Kate Beckinsale

Playboy March 2006 Cover featured by Pamela David

Issue: March 2006
Playmate: Vanesa Carbone (photography by Paula Teller)
Cover: Pamela David

Centerfold Photo: Pamela David

Interview: Guillermo Vilas

Playboy April 2006 Cover featured by Victoria Onetto

Issue: April 2006
Playmate: Liset Feider (photography by Paula Teller)
Cover: Victoria Onetto

Interview: Ricardo Darín
20Q: Scarlett Johansson (by David Rensin)

Playboy May 2006 Cover featured by Inna Emme

Issue: May 2006
Playmate: Amanda Paige (photography by Arny Freytag)
Cover: Inna Emme

Interview: Jaime Baily

Playboy June 2006 Cover featured by Football Dream Team

Issue: June 2006
Playmate: Alison Waite (photography by Stephen Wayda, Arny Freytag)
Cover: Football Dream Team (photography by Paula Teller, Cecilia Salas)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Football Dream Team: Estefanía de Marco, Romina Ramírez, Victoria Costanzo, Paula Figate, Valeria Degenaro, Liset Feider, Ivana Brodowski, Paola Agostino Barrios, Vanesa Carbone, Jimena Fucks, Belén Estevez (by Paula Teller, Cecilia Salas)

Playboy July 2006 Cover featured by Mora Godoy

Issue: July 2006
Playmate: Paola Agostino Barrios (photography by Paula Teller)
Cover: Mora Godoy (photography by Nora Lezano, Sebastián Arpesella)

Centerfold Photo: Paola Agostino Barrios (photography by Paula Teller)

Interview: 1. Andrés Calamaro / 2. Leopoldo Federico / 3. Marlon Brando (from Playboy Archive) (by 1. Diego Salazar / 2. Pablo Marchetti, Néstor Marchetti / 3. Lawrence Grobel)
20Q: Gustavo Santaolalla (by Fernando Sanchez)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Kara Monaco (by Arny Freytag); Johanna Campobassi (by Paula Teller)

Playboy August 2006 Cover featured by Mónica Ayos

Issue: August 2006
Playmate: Ivana Brodowski (photography by Paula Teller)
Cover: Mónica Ayos (photography by Paula Teller)

Centerfold Photo: Ivana Brodowski (photography by Paula Teller)

Interview: Evo Morales
20Q: Jason Lee (by Eric Spitznagel)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Liv Fruyano

Playboy September 2006 Cover featured by María Susini

Issue: September 2006
Playmate: Belén Lavallen (photography by Marcelo Sevitz)
Cover: María Susini

Centerfold Photo: Belén Lavallen (photography by Marcelo Sevitz)

Interview: 1. Fidel Castro / 2. Daniel Grinbank

Playboy October 2006 Cover featured by Julieta Gomez, Virginia Draghi, Marma Cariati, Romina Triay

Issue: October 2006
Playmate: Pamela Echandi (photography by Paula Teller)
Cover: Julieta Gomez, Virginia Draghi, Marma Cariati, Romina Triay (photography by Paula Teller)

Centerfold Photo: Pamela Echandi (photography by Paula Teller)

Interview: 1. Susana Giménez / 2. Eva Longoria / 3. Frank Zappa (by 2. Stephen Rebello)

Playboy November 2006 Cover featured by Victoria Vanucci

Issue: November 2006
Playmate: Valeria Degenaro (photography by Marcelo Sevitz)
Cover: Victoria Vanucci (photography by Nora Lezano, Sebastián Arpesella)

Centerfold Photo: Valeria Degenaro (photography by Marcelo Sevitz)

Interview: Keanu Reeves (by Michael Fleming)

Playboy December 2006 Cover featured by Nicole Neumann

Issue: December 2006
Playmate: Violeta Dubeu (photography by Paula Teller)
Cover: Nicole Neumann (photography by Gabriel Machado, Jose Cicala)

Centerfold Photo: Violeta Dubeu (photography by Paula Teller)

Interview: Daniel Craig (by David Sheff)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playmates of Playboy Argentina 2006: Katarzyna Kraszewska, Jimena Fucks, Vanesa Carbone, Liset Feider, Amanda Paige, Alison Waite, Paola Agostino Barrios, Ivana Brodowski, Belén Lavallen, Pamela Echandi, Valeria Degenaro, Violeta Dubeu

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