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Playboy Argentina 2007

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Playboy January 2007 Cover featured by Mónica Antonópulos

Issue: January 2007
Playmate: Mónica Antonópulos (photography by Nora Lezano, Sebastián Arpesella)
Cover: Mónica Antonópulos (photography by Nora Lezano, Sebastián Arpesella)

Interview: 1. Samuel L. Jackson / 2. Lola Copacabana / 3. Luis D'Elía (by 1. Stephen Rebello)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'The Big Book Of Breasts'

Playboy February 2007 Cover featured by Claudia Ciardone

Issue: February 2007
Playmate: Unknown
Cover: Claudia Ciardone (photography by Gustavo Saiegh)

Interview: Diego Maradona

Playboy March 2007 Cover featured by Alejandra Maglietti

Issue: March 2007
Playmate: Yamila Giralt (photography by Pablo Valda)
Cover: Alejandra Maglietti (photography by Diego Carballo)

Centerfold Photo: Yamila Giralt (photography by Pablo Valda)

Interview: 1. Fernando Araújo / 2. Woody Allen (from Playboy Archive) (by 1. Edgar Hernández / 2. Sol Weinstein)
20Q: Alejandro Sanz (by Vanesa Pellizzeri)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Anna Nicole (Vickie) Smith (by Stephen Wayda)

Playboy April 2007 Cover featured by Griselda Sánchez

Issue: April 2007
Playmate: This Issue is without PMoM
Cover: Griselda Sánchez (photography by Gustavo Saiegh)

Fiction: Joyce Carol Oates 'Vigilar Al Suicida'
Interview: 1. Israel Adrián Caetano / 2. Sylvester Stallone (from Playboy Archive) (by 1. Paula Rodríguez / 2. Lawrence Linderman)
20Q: Don Omar (by José María Arreola)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Natacha Jaitt (by Gabriel Roca); Playmate of the Year Contestants: Vanesa Carbone, Ivana Brodowski, Valeria Degenaro, Liset Feider (by Paula Teller); Cindy Crawford (by Herb Ritts)

Playboy May 2007 Cover featured by Pamela Anderson

Issue: May 2007
Playmate: Melina Sarchese (photography by Pablo Valda)
Cover: Pamela Anderson (photography by Sante D'Orazio)

Centerfold Photo: Melina Sarchese (photography by Pablo Valda)

Fiction: Nadine Gordimer 'El Tercer Sentido'
Interview: 1. 'Bersuit Vergarabat' Group / 2. Juan Sebastián Gutiérrez / 3. David Bowie (from Playboy Archive) (by 1. Yumber Vera Rojas / 2. Vanesa Pellizzeri / 3. Cameron Crowe)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Ximena Peirano (by Gabriel Rocca); Bo Derek (by John Derek)

Playboy June 2007 Cover featured by Chicas Tinelli: Maria Catalani, Barbara Reali, Natalia Gerling, Carla Laplace, Maria Merolla, Andrea Contreras

Issue: June 2007
Playmate: Julieta Pineiro (photography by Marcos Romano)
Cover: Chicas Tinelli: Maria Catalani, Barbara Reali, Natalia Gerling, Carla Laplace, Maria Merolla, Andrea Contreras (photography by Gustavo Saiegh)

Centerfold Photo: Julieta Pineiro (photography by Marcos Romano)

Fiction: Margaret Atwood 'Las Malas Noticias'
Interview: 1. Matt Groening / 2. Milo Manara (by 1. David Sheff / 2. Sebastián de Caro)
20Q: Tobey Maguire (by Vlad Ivanenko)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Tricia Helfer (by Sante D'Orazio); Sara Jean Underwood (by Arny Freytag); Kim Basinger (by Richard Fegley)

Playboy July 2007 Cover featured by Sabrina Rojas

Issue: July 2007
Playmate: Andrea Vetsch (photography by Irene Schaur)
Cover: Sabrina Rojas (photography by Fabio Bórquez)

Centerfold Photo: Andrea Vetsch (photography by Irene Schaur)

Fiction: Eduardo de la Puente 'Aerosmith Es Una Mierda'
Interview: Bruce Willis (by David Sheff)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Amanda Beard (by Daniela Federici); Dora Noemi Kerchen (Dorismar) (by Diego Carballo); Angie Everhart (by Marco Glaviano)

Playboy August 2007 Cover featured by Romina Ricci

Issue: August 2007
Playmate: Sabina Mali (photography by Ivana Krešić)
Cover: Romina Ricci (photography by Nora Lezano, Sebastián Arpesella)

Centerfold Photo: Sabina Mali (photography by Ivana Krešić)

Fiction: Roberto Fontanarrosa 'El mundo ha vivido equivodado'
Interview: George Clooney (by Harold von Kursk)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Kristine Lefebvre (by Stephen Wayda); 'Orquesta de Señoritas' (by Mario Ancewicz); Marilyn Monroe (by Tom Kelley)

Playboy September 2007 Cover featured by Natacha Jaitt

Issue: September 2007
Playmate: Nicole Niemann (photography by Florian Lohmann)
Cover: Natacha Jaitt (photography by Mario Ancewicz)

Centerfold Photo: Nicole Niemann (photography by Florian Lohmann)

Fiction: Carlos Chernov 'El borde de la película'
Interview: 1. Guillermo Barros Schelotto / 2. Al Pacino (from Playboy Archive) (by 1. Gastón Leturia / 2. Lawrence Grobel)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Christa Campbell (by Ulli & Darro); Elle MacPherson (by Herb Ritts)

Playboy October 2007 Cover featured by Ximena Capristo

Issue: October 2007
Playmate: Lola Hunkeler (photography by Nora Lezano, Sebastián Arpesella)
Cover: Ximena Capristo (photography by Gustavo Saiegh)

Centerfold Photo: Lola Hunkeler (photography by Nora Lezano, Sebastián Arpesella)

Fiction: Patricia Suarez 'La Valiente Irene'
Interview: Fabricio Oberto (by Maria José Iriarte)
20Q: Stacy Ann Ferguson (Fergie) (by Jason Buhrmester)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Dita von Teese (by Arny Freytag, Moshe Brakha); 'Senses' (by Frank de Mulder); Mimi Rogers (by Michel Comte)

Playboy November 2007 Cover featured by Evangelina Anderson

Issue: November 2007
Playmate: Nikki Sengers (photography by Frank De Mulder)
Cover: Evangelina Anderson (photography by Luis Sens)

Centerfold Photo: Nikki Sengers (photography by Frank De Mulder)

Interview: Robert Redford (by David Hochman)

Playboy December 2007 Cover featured by 'Noche Buena'

Issue: December 2007
Playmate: Izabela Mika (photography by Wojtek Bąkiewicz)
Cover: 'Noche Buena' (photography by Luis Sens, Nacho Sánchez)

Centerfold Photo: Izabela Mika (photography by Wojtek Bąkiewicz)

Fiction: Stephen King 'Mudo'
Interview: 1. David Nalbandian / 2. Norman Mailer (from Playboy Archive) (by 1. Ignacio Uzquiza, Fernando Bianculli / 2. Paul Carroll)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Te Regalamos El Álbum 2007: Mónica Antonópulos, Ximena Capristo, Evangelina Anderson, Sabrina Rojas, Romina Ricci, Natacha Jaitt, Pamela Anderson (by Nora Lezano, Sebastián Arpesella, Gustavo Saiegh, Luis Sens, Fabio Bórquez, Mario Ancewicz, Sante D'Orazio); Kim Kardashian (by Hype Williams, Stephen Wayda); Noche Buena: Ivana Brodowski, Romina Ricci, Lola Hunkeler, Antonella, Pamela (by Luis Sens, Nacho Sánchez); Bettie Page (by Bunny Yeager)

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