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Playboy Hungary 2018

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Playboy January-February 2018 Cover featured by Megan Samperi

Issue: January-February 2018
Playmate: Jessica Wall (photography by Graham Dunn)
Cover: Megan Samperi (photography by Christopher von Steinbach)

Interview: Christopher Nolan
20Q: Szabolcs Papp
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Milena Gorum (by Christopher von Steinbach)

Playboy March 2018 Cover featured by Bella Rouge

Issue: March 2018
Playmate: Kayla Garvin (photography by Dove Shore)
Cover: Bella Rouge (photography by Davide Esposito)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Rachel Parry-Dixon

Playboy April 2018 Cover featured by Iris Shala

Issue: April 2018
Playmate: Iris Shala (photography by Max-Elmar Wischmeyer)
Cover: Iris Shala (photography by Max-Elmar Wischmeyer)

Centerfold Photo: Iris Shala (photography by Max-Elmar Wischmeyer)

Interview: 1. László Lukács / 2. Enrico Cerea (by 1. István Bus / 2. Juli Lami)
20Q: Gergely Bánki (by István Bus)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Lorena Medina (by Pascal Heimlicher); Angela Olszewska (by Robby Cyron); Best of Playboy: Christina Braun, Sandra Kubicka, Dušica Jovičić (by Thomas Fiedler, Christopher von Steinbach, Nikola Miljković)

Playboy May 2018 Cover featured by Jenny Watwood

Issue: May 2018
Playmate: Jenny Watwood (photography by Derek Kettela)
Cover: Jenny Watwood (photography by Derek Kettela)

Centerfold Photo: Jenny Watwood (photography by Derek Kettela)

Interview: 1. Péter Balogh / 2. Norbert Garay Nagy (by 1. László Fábián / 2. Krisztián Kadlecsek)
20Q: Vivien Mádai (by Sári Szabó)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Anthea Page (by Ali Mitton); Sandra Matias, Natacha Matias (by Álvaro Nó); Iris Shala (by Max-Elmar Wischmeyer); Best of Playboy: Ashleigh Hannah, Kristina Levina, Jess Clarke, Roxanna June (by Miguel Ángel Manrique, Román Gómez, Jeff Ford, Ali Mitton)

Playboy June 2018 Cover featured by Sandra Kubicka

Issue: June 2018
Playmate: Kristina Levina (photography by Jeff Ford)
Cover: Sandra Kubicka (photography by Christopher von Steinbach)

Centerfold Photo: Kristina Levina (photography by Jeff Ford)

Interview: 1. Anna Pásztor / 2. Zoltán Ruskó, Krisztián Schmidt (by 1. László Fábián / 2. Playboy Hungary)
20Q: Nessaj (by Dávid Katz)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Ashleigh Hannah (by Miguel Ángel Manrique); Best of Playboy: Shauna Sexton, Olga De Mar, Leidy Yalena (by Dove Shore, Ana Dias, Miguel Ángel Manrique)

Playboy July-August 2018 Cover featured by Nina Daniele

Issue: July-August 2018
Playmate: Gia Ramey-Gay (photography by Miguel Ángel Manrique)
Cover: Nina Daniele (photography by Jennifer Stenglein)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Jess Clarke, Roxanna June (by Ali Mitton)

Playboy September 2018 Cover featured by Olga De Mar

Issue: September 2018
Playmate: Lorena Medina (photography by Christopher von Steinbach)
Cover: Olga De Mar (photography by Ana Dias)

Interview: Gábor Presser
20Q: Lóránd Banner-Szûcs
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Viktória Fruzsina Nagy

Playboy October 2018 Cover featured by Sarah Stephens

Issue: October 2018
Playmate: Unknown
Cover: Sarah Stephens (photography by Cameron Hammond)

Interview: Péter Scherer
20Q: Gábor Borsányi

Playboy November 2018 Cover featured by Valeria Lakhina

Issue: November 2018
Playmate: Valeria Lakhina (photography by Ana Dias)
Cover: Valeria Lakhina (photography by Ana Dias)

Interview: Gábor Rakonczay
20Q: Renátó Olasz
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Clara René (by Bernardo Coelho); Ladies Night in Germany: Dominique Regatschnig, Irene Hoek, Katharina Wyrwich, Daniela Sudau, Franziska Gürtler, Carolin Stüber, Ariane Hahnsch, Nathalie Cassegrain, Miriam Rathmann, Irena Then, Katia Dede (by Sacha Tassilo Höchstetter); Best of Playboy: Olga De Mar, Nina Novak, Ana Espinola Barreto (by Ana Dias, Staša Sahman)

Playboy December 2018 Cover featured by Shelby Rose

Issue: December 2018
Playmate: Unknown
Cover: Shelby Rose (photography by Kyle Deleu)

Interview: Péter Geszti
20Q: Milorad Krstić

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