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Playboy Italy 1979

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Playboy January 1979 Cover featured by Iva Zanicchi

Issue: January 1979
Playmate: Ana Rojas (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Iva Zanicchi (photography by Angelo Frontoni)

Centerfold Photo: Ana Rojas (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: John Travolta (by Judson Klinger)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Brigitte Petronio (by Angelo Frontoni); Sonia Otero (by Angelo Frontoni); 'Settantanove Giri (Seventy Nine Laps)' (by Jan Cobb); 'Arrestami Se Hai Il Coraggio (Arrest Me If You Dare)' (by Nicholas DeSciose); 'Sarà un Anno di Vino (Will Be a Year of Wine)' (by Phil Hastings); 'Signorine Grandi Route' (by Phillip Dixon); 25 Years of Playboy: Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Kim Novak, Anita Ekberg, Charlotte Rampling, Ursula Andress, Barbi Benton, Elke Sommer, Vera Gottlieb von Lehndorff (Veruschka), Sarah Miles, Debra Jo Fondren, Brigitte Bardot

Playboy February 1979 Cover featured by Marina Giordana, Paola Morra

Issue: February 1979
Playmate: Valentinie Decarpentry (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Marina Giordana, Paola Morra (photography by Angelo Frontoni)

Centerfold Photo: Valentinie Decarpentry (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Walter Chiari
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Milla Sannoner (by Angelo Frontoni); Tiziana Sozzi (by Bettimo Garritano); Annie Belle (by Angelo Frontoni); 'La coppia non va in fumo' (by Roger Maves); 'Io ti Brahms, Bach... ami!' (by Grant Edwards)

Playboy March 1979 Cover featured by Tiziana Pini

Issue: March 1979
Playmate: Leda Simonetti (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Tiziana Pini (photography by Angelo Deligio)

Centerfold Photo: Leda Simonetti (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Antonio Cabrini
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Barbara Bach (by Angelo Frontoni); Town (by Angelo Frontoni); Virna (by Eric Müller); 'Carnival' (by Phillip Dixon); 'Il Re Del Rally' (by Giancarlo Falletti); 'Domenica In…tima' (by Richard Fegley); Venus Parade: Lilli Carati, M. Rosaria Omaggio, Maria Giovanna Elmi, Stella Carnacina, Silvia Dionisio, Eleonora Giorgi

Playboy April 1979 Cover featured by Guiditta Saltarini

Issue: April 1979
Playmate: Daniela Colombi (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Guiditta Saltarini

Centerfold Photo: Daniela Colombi (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Francesco Rosi
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Denise Crosby (by Phillip Dixon); Daniela Doria; Miet Smit

Playboy May 1979 Cover featured by Minnie Minoprio

Issue: May 1979
Playmate: Pamela Prati (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Minnie Minoprio (photography by Angelo Frontoni)

Centerfold Photo: Pamela Prati (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Walter Albini, Giorgio Armani, Ottavio Missoni, Gianni Versace
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Angela Covello (by Angelo Frontoni); Patti McGuire (by Pompeo Posar); Debra Jo Fondren (by Robert Scott Hooper)

Playboy June 1979 Cover featured by Antonella Lualdi

Issue: June 1979
Playmate: Giada Gerini
Cover: Antonella Lualdi

Centerfold Photo: Giada Gerini

Interview: Marco Pannella
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Paola Senatore, Patrizia Gori

Playboy July 1979 Cover featured by Loretta Goggi

Issue: July 1979
Playmate: Ingrid Larsson (photography by Phillip Dixon)
Cover: Loretta Goggi (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Centerfold Photo: Ingrid Larsson (photography by Phillip Dixon)

Interview: Roberto Benigni
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Cristiana Martinelli (by Angelo Frontoni); 'Corpo Di Sole' (by Siwer Ohlsson); Aldina Martano (by Angelo Frontoni); Laferotica: Giada Gerini, Cindy Leadbetter (by Roberto Rocchi)

Playboy August 1979 Cover featured by Marina Marfoglia

Issue: August 1979
Playmate: Bice Schmidt (photography by Ken Marcus)
Cover: Marina Marfoglia (photography by Angelo Frontoni)

Centerfold Photo: Bice Schmidt (photography by Ken Marcus)

Interview: Maurizio Costanzo
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Cinzia de Carolis (by Angelo Frontoni); Estrella (by H.Zuber); 'Avventura Fuori Strada' (by Giancarlo Baghetti); Madleen Kane; Naked Bond Girls; 'Mondo Porno'

Playboy September 1979 Cover featured by Laura Belli

Issue: September 1979
Playmate: Anny Papa (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Laura Belli (photography by Angelo Frontoni)

Centerfold Photo: Anny Papa (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Beppe Grillo
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Lilli Carati (by Angelo Frontoni, Peter Storch); Elizabeth Johnson; Ilona Staller (Cicciolina); Ugole Profonde: Amanda Lear, Ornella Vanoni, Patty Pravo, Jennifer, Nadia Cassini, Loredana Bertè, Luciana Turina, Grace Jones, Lara Saint Paul; Adriana Russo (by Angelo Frontoni); Girls of Tony Binarelli (by Alessandro Binarelli)

Playboy October 1979 Cover featured by Teresa Ann Savoy

Issue: October 1979
Playmate: Kerstine Russell (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Teresa Ann Savoy (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Centerfold Photo: Kerstine Russell (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Nils Liedholm
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Edwige Fenech (by Angelo Frontoni); Lucia Monaco (by Roberto Rocchi); 'Amore Dove Vuoi' (by Richard Fegley); 'Action by Tinto Brass'; Orchidea De Santis (by Angelo Frontoni); Barbara Golinska (by Pepito Torres); Michele Drake

Playboy November 1979 Cover featured by Heather Parisi

Issue: November 1979
Playmate: Janet Quist (photography by Ken Marcus)
Cover: Heather Parisi (photography by Perito Torres)

Centerfold Photo: Janet Quist (photography by Ken Marcus)

Interview: 1. Franco Zeffirelli / 2. Burt Reynolds
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Claudia Jennings (by Mario Casilli); Annamaria Clementi (by Roberto Rocchi); Daniela Poggi (by Angelo Frontoni); 'Billy The Kid' (by Robert Scott Hooper); 'Sex in Cinema 1979'; Suze Randall

Playboy December 1979 Cover featured by Raquel Welch

Issue: December 1979
Playmate: Alex (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Raquel Welch (photography by Chris von Wangenheim)

Centerfold Photo: Alex (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Jody Scheckter
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Fellini'80: Karol Karin, Carmen Russo, Josiane Tanzilli (by Tazio Secchiaroli, Angelo Frontoni, Roberto Faedi); Scandalo in Corsia: Leda Simonetti, Giada Gerini, Pamela Prati (by Angelo Frontoni); 'La Pantera Rossa' (by Frank Gitty); 'Baci di Dama' (by Jean-Loup de Sauverzac); Gloria Guida (by Bruno Oliviero)

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