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Playboy Italy 1980

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Playboy January 1980 Cover featured by Daniela Poggi

Issue: January 1980
Playmate: Liliana Tari (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Daniela Poggi (photography by Angelo Frontoni)

Centerfold Photo: Liliana Tari (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Ugo Tognazzi
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Angela (by Bruno Rizzato); Carla Romanelli (by Angelo Frontoni); Rosa Fumetto (Patrizia Novarini) (by Angelo Frontoni); Kathleen Hughes (by Roberto Granata); 'Parigi o Cara' (by Roberto Rocco); 'Sono Gail e Piaccio Anche ai Gai' (by Frank Gitty)

Playboy February 1980 Cover featured by Pamela Prati, Adriano Celentano

Issue: February 1980
Playmate: Genny De N. (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Pamela Prati, Adriano Celentano (photography by Vincenzino)

Interview: Pippo Baudo
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playmate of the Year Pamela Prati (by Roberto Rocchi); Martine Brochard (by Angelo Frontoni); Anna Maria Pizzoli (by Enzo Tiberti); Colleen Camp (by Mario Casilli); Linda Beatty (Linda Carpenter) (by Phillip Dixon); Cyndi Wood (by Pompeo Posar); Annamaria Rizzoli

Playboy March 1980 Cover featured by Delia Boccardo

Issue: March 1980
Playmate: Susy Argiolas (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Delia Boccardo (photography by Angelo Frontoni)

Centerfold Photo: Susy Argiolas (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Claudia Giordani, Ingemar Stenmark
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Barbara d'Urso (by Roberto Granata); 'Madame Allegria' (by Giancarlo Baghetti); 'Bomba Scandinava' (by Jean-Pierre Moutin); 'Girls in Glasses' (by J. Frederick Smith); Hélène & Yolande (by Jean-Pierre Moutin); Francesca de Sapio; 'Capriccio Spagnolo'

Playboy April 1980 Cover featured by Sydne Rome

Issue: April 1980
Playmate: Lella Antonini (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Sydne Rome

Centerfold Photo: Lella Antonini (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Renato Pozzetto
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Leda Simonetti (by Giancarlo Baghetti); Elide Melli (by Angelo Frontoni); Maria Stefania D'Amario (by Pepito Torres); Carola Stagnaro (by Alberto Serafino); 'Auto Erotic' (by Peter Weissbrich)

Playboy May 1980 Cover featured by Nadia Cassini

Issue: May 1980
Playmate: Gig Gangel (photography by Ken Marcus)
Cover: Nadia Cassini (photography by Angelo Frontoni)

Centerfold Photo: Gig Gangel (photography by Ken Marcus)

Interview: Carlo Verdone
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'Chinese Horoscope' (by Herbert Schulz); Marilyn Monroe; Eleonora Vallone

Playboy June 1980 Cover featured by Bo Derek

Issue: June 1980
Playmate: Valentina Sanna (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Bo Derek (photography by John Derek)

Centerfold Photo: Valentina Sanna (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Dustin Hoffman (by Roberta Plutzik)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Donatella Damiani (by Angelo Frontoni); Ilona Staller (Cicciolina) (by Riccardo Schicchi); Cathy (by Frank Gitty); 'Assalto Al Montesano Express' (by Angelo Samperi); Il Mondo di Playboy: Pamela Prati, Cindy Lutz, Bambi Lin Finney, Lisa Ann Woolf

Playboy July 1980 Cover featured by Maria Rosaria Omaggio

Issue: July 1980
Playmate: Virginia Blavier (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Maria Rosaria Omaggio (photography by Angelo Frontoni)

Centerfold Photo: Virginia Blavier (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Angelo Branduardi (by Giovanna Tettamanzi)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Clio Goldsmith & Barbara De Rossi (by Emilio Lari); Karol Karin (by Angelo Frontoni); Rosanna Napoli (by Roberto Rocchi); 'Playboy Fashion: Mare contro Mare' (by Manfredi Bellati); Loredana Bertè

Playboy August 1980 Cover featured by Romy Schneider

Issue: August 1980
Playmate: Suzie-Ann Watkins (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Romy Schneider (photography by Giancarlo Botti)

Centerfold Photo: Suzie Ann (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Enzo Tortora (by Giovanna Tettamanzi)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Carmen Russo (by Angelo Frontoni); Amanda Lear (by Denis Taranto); 'Obiettivamente Guardando (Looking Objectively)' (by Roberto Rocchi)

Playboy September 1980 Cover featured by Patty Pravo

Issue: September 1980
Playmate: Kerry-Lou Baylis (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Patty Pravo (photography by Angelo Frontoni)

Centerfold Photo: Kerry-Lou Baylis (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Hugh Hefner
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Cinzia Fiordeponti (by Angelo Frontoni); Vivienne Voirnet (by Roberto Rocchi); 'Tira i Dadi e Conosci L'Amore' (by Peter Davies); 'Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde' (by Richard Fegley); 'Mi Faccia Una Testa Cosi' (by Roberto Rocchi)

Playboy October 1980 Cover featured by Monica Guerritore

Issue: October 1980
Playmate: Dorothy Mays (photography by Richard Fegley)
Cover: Monica Guerritore (photography by Chiara Samugheo)

Centerfold Photo: Dorothy Mays (photography by Richard Fegley)

Interview: William Masters, Virginia Johnson (by James R. Petersen)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Giannina Facio (by Toni Riera); Linda Lovelace (by Richard Fegley); Lory Del Santo (by Roberto Rocco)

Playboy November 1980 Cover featured by Laura Antonelli

Issue: November 1980
Playmate: Sally Raghetto (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Laura Antonelli (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Centerfold Photo: Sally Raghetto (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Renato Guttuso
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Laura Gemser (by Frank Gitty); Francesca Guidato (by Angelo Frontoni); 'Una Voglia Rosso Sangue' (by Christian Vogt); Giada Gerini; 'Playboy TV Stars'

Playboy December 1980 Cover featured by Ornella Muti

Issue: December 1980
Playmate: Nicola Belfiore (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Ornella Muti (photography by Angelo Frontoni)

Centerfold Photo: Nicola Belfiore (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Renzo Arbore (by Giulia Massari)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Anna Valentino (by Angelo Frontoni); 'Fuga nel Parco' (by Jeff Dunas); Mariele (by Otto R. Weisser); Laura Antonelli; 'Sex in Cinema 1980'

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