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Playboy Italy 1982

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Playboy January 1982 Cover featured by Oriella Dorella

Issue: January 1982
Playmate: Claudia Ferri
Cover: Oriella Dorella

Centerfold Photo: Claudia Ferri

Interview: 1. Sandro Pertini / 2. Giorgio Bocca
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Patrizia Caselli, Francoise Rambert

Playboy February 1982 Cover featured by Adriana Russo

Issue: February 1982
Playmate: Kymberly Herrin (photography by Arny Freytag)
Cover: Adriana Russo (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Centerfold Photo: Kymberly Herrin (photography by Arny Freytag)

Interview: Christie A. Hefner (by Emanuela Testori)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Mara (by Jeff Milton); Licinia Lentini (by Angelo Frontoni); Le Signore di Milano: Daniela Bertazzoni, Luisella Arcare, Gabriella Mucci, Francesca Bianco, Anna Perelli (by Chiara Samugheo); Annamaria Rizzoli (by Roberto Rocchi)

Playboy March 1982 Cover featured by Corinne Cléry

Issue: March 1982
Playmate: Cristina Keller (photography by Otto R. Weisser, Arnaldo Klajn (CF photo))
Cover: Corinne Cléry (photography by Angelo Frontoni)

Centerfold Photo: Cristina Keller (photography by Arnaldo Klajn)

Interview: Nelson Piquet (by Pier Boselli)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Maria Grazia Scarpetta (by Angelo Frontoni); Serena Grandi (by Roberto Rocchi); 'Lezione di Violino' (by Roberto Rocchi)

Playboy April 1982 Cover featured by Viola Valentino

Issue: April 1982
Playmate: Erika Stefanelli
Cover: Viola Valentino

Centerfold Photo: Erika Stefanelli

Interview: 1. Ferdinand Porsche / 2. Diego Abatantuono

Playboy May 1982 Cover featured by Eleonora Vallone, Chiara Salerno

Issue: May 1982
Playmate: Vicki Witt (photography by Richard Fegley, David Chan, Pompeo Posar (CF photo))
Cover: Eleonora Vallone, Chiara Salerno

Centerfold Photo: Vicki Witt (photography by Pompeo Posar)

Interview: 1. Henry Fonda / 2. Marco Lucchinelli
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Lara Wendel

Playboy June 1982 Cover featured by Vivien Vee

Issue: June 1982
Playmate: Vicki Lasseter (photography by Arny Freytag)
Cover: Vivien Vee (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Centerfold Photo: Vicki Lasseter (photography by Arny Freytag)

Interview: Diego Maradona
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Susanna (by Emilio Lari); Barbara Schantz (by Pompeo Posar); Lauri (by Allan J. Wash); Mariel Hemingway (by Arny Freytag)

Playboy July 1982 Cover featured by Paola Pitagora

Issue: July 1982
Playmate: Elizabeth Gardner (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Paola Pitagora (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Centerfold Photo: Elizabeth Gardner (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Peter Bogdanovich
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Katia Franchi (by Angelo Veronelli); Daniela Barbero (by Renato Biffi); Girls of Spain (by Pompeo Posar); Enrica Bonaccorti (by Angelo Frontoni)

Playboy August 1982 Cover featured by Pamela Prati

Issue: August 1982
Playmate: Victoria Cooke (photography by Mario Casilli)
Cover: Pamela Prati

Centerfold Photo: Victoria Cooke (photography by Mario Casilli)

Interview: Salvatore Fiume
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Barbara Carrera; Vivien Vee; M.Provenzale, M.E.Stefani, E.Polendoni, D.Poggipollini, M.Zanca

Playboy September 1982 Cover featured by Mireille Darc

Issue: September 1982
Playmate: Lourdes Estores (photography by Ken Marcus)
Cover: Mireille Darc

Centerfold Photo: Lourdes Estores (photography by Ken Marcus)

Interview: Niki Lauda

Playboy October 1982 Cover featured by Nadia Cassini

Issue: October 1982
Playmate: Gail Stanton (photography by David Chan)
Cover: Nadia Cassini (photography by Angelo Frontoni, Yorgo Voyagis)

Centerfold Photo: Gail Stanton (photography by David Chan)

Interview: Akio Morita (by Peter Ross Range)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Cinzia Monreale (by Angelo Frontoni); Manuela Campos, Laura Loredan, Claudia Herrenfrend (by Angelo Veronelli); 'Club Cleo' (by Giancarlo Bonora); 'L'Ultima Fetta D'Estate (The Last Slice of Summer)' (by Roberto Rocchi); 'Scusa Vuoi Lavare L'auto Con Noi?' (by Jeff Dunas)

Playboy November 1982 Cover featured by Maria Rosaria Omaggio

Issue: November 1982
Playmate: Mary Jane Edgar (photography by Roberto Rocchi)
Cover: Maria Rosaria Omaggio (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Centerfold Photo: Mary Jane Edgar (photography by Roberto Rocchi)

Interview: Federico Fellini
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'Lezione Di Strip' (by Giancarlo Bonora); Ingrid Schröter, Leila Trevisiol, Ivana Zanussi, Luisa Bordon (by Paolo Gallo); Marina Pierro (by Bruno Oliviero); Henriette Allais (by Ken Marcus); 'Stelle & Sesso TV'

Playboy December 1982 Cover featured by Elisabetta Virgili

Issue: December 1982
Playmate: Sylvie Garant (photography by Richard Fegley)
Cover: Elisabetta Virgili (photography by Angelo Frontoni)

Centerfold Photo: Sylvie Garant (photography by Richard Fegley)

Interview: Bette Davis (by Bruce Williamson)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Olga Bisera (by Angelo Frontoni); Marina Bellini (by Angelo Frontoni); Sylvia Kristel (by Just Jaeckin); Alessandra (by Roberto Rocchi); Genny De N. (by Roberto Rocchi); Naked Twins: Cybil Barnstable & Tricia Barnstable, Sheila Stone & Moira Stone, Lynette Harris & Leigh Harris, Piper Perry & Tara Perry (by Arny Freytag)

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