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Playboy Russia 2008

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Playboy January 2008 Cover featured by Vahina Giocante

Issue: January 2008
Playmate: Tatiana Podiapolskaya (photography by Oleg Khoroshev)
Cover: Vahina Giocante (photography by Karl Lagerfeld)

Interview: Tim Burton (by Bruno Lester / IFA)
20Q: Michel Houellebecq (by Dmitry Bykov)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Sonia Taih (by Oleg Khoroshev); Lisa Astakhova, Yulianna (by Sergey Kovalenko); Football Dream Team (by Alexander Morderer); Darine Stern (by Richard Fegley)

Playboy February 2008 Cover featured by Dasha Astafieva

Issue: February 2008
Playmate: Inna Popenko (photography by Oleg Khoroshev)
Cover: Dasha Astafieva (photography by Alexander Morderer)

Interview: Brad Pitt (by David Hochman)
20Q: Arkady Novikov (by Irina Vinogradova)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Elle MacPherson (by Herb Ritts); LaToya Jackson (by Stephen Wayda); Bai Ling

Playboy March 2008 Cover featured by Alena Sviridova

Issue: March 2008
Playmate: Svetlana Khodan (photography by Sergey Kovalenko)
Cover: Alena Sviridova (photography by Vladimir Vasilchikov)

Centerfold Photo: Svetlana Khodan (photography by Sergey Kovalenko)

Playboy April 2008 Cover featured by Anfisa Tchekhova

Issue: April 2008
Playmate: Julia Malimon (photography by Dmitry Denisov)
Cover: Anfisa Tchekhova (photography by Mikhail Korolev)

Interview: Johnny Depp (by Bruno Lester/IFA)
20Q: Vadim Dymov (by Andrey Zotov)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Vika Talyshinskaya (by Sergey Kovalenko); Playmate of the Year 2007 Contestants: Magdalena Królikowska, Dasha Astafieva, Thessa Gierer, Natalia Nagornaya, Natalia Samoletova, Alexandra Voltchok, Julia Samovarova, Julia Timonina, Ekaterina Yakovenko, Maria Smirnova, Adel Vakula, Julia Orlova; Shay Knuth (by Dwight Hooker)

Playboy May 2008 Cover featured by Alisa Grebenshikova

Issue: May 2008
Playmate: Olga Kobozina (photography by Oleg Khoroshev)
Cover: Alisa Grebenshikova (photography by Oleg Khoroshev)

Centerfold Photo: Olga Kobozina (photography by Oleg Khoroshev)

Interview: Sergey Shnurov (by Irina Vinogradova)
20Q: Lenny Kravitz (by Sascha Kruger)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Kim Kardashian; Marjana (by Alexander Morderer); Margie Harrison

Playboy June 2008 Cover featured by Lera Kudriavtseva

Issue: June 2008
Playmate: Jaclyn Baffo (photography by Alexey Lukin)
Cover: Lera Kudriavtseva (photography by Oleg Khoroshev)

Interview: Steven Spielberg (by Bruno Lester/IFA)
20Q: Andrey Lysikov (Dolphin) (by Ilya Litov)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Masha (by Vadim Yasnogorodsky); Playmate of the Year 2007 Final Contestants: Alexandra Voltchok, Ekaterina Yakovenko, Maria Smirnova (by Sergey Kovalenko); Helen Kirk (by Pompeo Posar)

Playboy July 2008 Cover featured by Maria Smirnova

Issue: July 2008
Playmate: Anastasia Solomatina (photography by Sergey Kovalenko)
Cover: Maria Smirnova (photography by Sergey Kovalenko)

Interview: Jon Bon Jovi (by Bruno Lester/IFA)
20Q: Dmitry Tursunov (by Elena Kortova)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Irina Nikolaeva (by Vladimir Vasilchikov); Irina Zabiyaka (by Fedor Markushevich); Rusty Fisher (by Sam Wu)

Playboy August 2008 Cover featured by Anastasia Kamenskih

Issue: August 2008
Playmate: Eugenia Diordiychuk (photography by Marat Mukhonkin)
Cover: Anastasia Kamenskih (photography by Sergey Kovalenko)

Centerfold Photo: Eugenia Diordiychuk (photography by Marat Mukhonkin)

Fiction: Victor Erofeev 'World Champion'
Interview: 1. Mick Jagger / 2. Denis Simachev / 3. Donald Trump (by 1. Ernst Reinhart/IFA / 2. Uliana Tseitlina & Vladimir Liaporov / 3. Glenn Plaskin)
20Q: Grigory Konstantinopolsky (by Maxim Shultz)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Olympic Girls (by Guido Argentini)

Playboy September 2008 Cover featured by Lena, Olga Kurbatova, Alesja, Tonja, Masha ('Mobile Blondes' Pop Group)

Issue: September 2008
Playmate: Viktória Metzker (photography by Pál Nánási)
Cover: Lena, Olga Kurbatova, Alesja, Tonja, Masha ('Mobile Blondes' Pop Group) (photography by Sergey Kovalenko)

Centerfold Photo: Viktória Metzker (photography by Pál Nánási)

Fiction: Jeffrey Archer 'Taster'
Interview: Paul Smith (by Pascal Bories, Vanessa Lena, Laureen Langendorff)
20Q: Selma Blair (by Stephen Rebello)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Tuuli Shipster (by John Rankin); 'Jeans Girls' (by Kirill Nikitenko); Jo Collins (by Mario Casilli); Irina & Agata Khlutchevskaya

Playboy October 2008 Cover featured by Svetlana Khodchenkova

Issue: October 2008
Playmate: Ekaterina Vinogradova (photography by Natalie Arefieva)
Cover: Svetlana Khodchenkova (photography by Anna Chibisova)

Centerfold Photo: Ekaterina Vinogradova (photography by Natalie Arefieva)

Fiction: Richard Matheson 'Duel'
Interview: Christian Bale (by Alan Nichols/IFA)
20Q: Andrey Arshavin (by Andrey Zolotov)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Victoria Lopyreva (by Petr Tishkov/LePier Studio); Klaudia El Dursi (by Szymon Brodziak); Gwen Wong (by Mario Casilli); Scarlett Johansson; Girls in Leather: Svetlana Kluchnikova, Katerina Egorova, Victoria Tzarkova, Agnetta Oyevolle (by Kirill Nikitenko)

Playboy November 2008 Cover featured by Jenna Jameson

Issue: November 2008
Playmate: Alexandra Grankina (photography by Alexey Lukin)
Cover: Jenna Jameson (photography by Naomi Kaltman / Corbis Outline)

Centerfold Photo: Alexandra Grankina (photography by Alexey Lukin)

Fiction: Robert B. Stone 'Charm City'
Interview: Guy Ritchie (by Ernst Reinhart/IFA)
20Q: Garik Sukachev (by Ilya Litov)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Naked Bond Girls; Klaudia El Dursi & Żaneta Niżnikowska (by Szymon Brodziak); Natalia Vyrostkova & Katia Mokroborodova (by Sergey Kovalenko); Julia Morozova, Elena Abitaeva; Pamela Anderson; Holly Madison

Playboy December 2008 Cover featured by Tatiana Kotova, Meseda Bagaudinova, Albina Janabaeva ('Via Gra' Pop Group)

Issue: December 2008
Playmate: Ksenia Zaitseva (photography by Vlad Loktev)
Cover: Tatiana Kotova, Meseda Bagaudinova, Albina Janabaeva ('Via Gra' Pop Group) (photography by Sergey Kovalenko)

Centerfold Photo: Ksenia Zaitseva (photography by Vlad Loktev)

Interview: Chuck Palahniuk (by Ernst Reinhart/IFA)
20Q: Sergey Trofimov (Trofim) (by Irina Vinogradova)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: LaToya Jackson (by Stephen Wayda); 'Girls of Babylon' (by Christian Maricic); 'Here's Looking At You' (by Helmut Newton); Sexy Students: Soraya Daoudi, Anja Rieck, Milda Masionyte, Sabrina Mayer, Maximiliane S., Katy Knoblauch, Anna Sempler, Simone Lutz, Janina Fisher, Nadine Kirchhof (by Sacha Tassilo Höchstetter); Eva Mendes

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