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Playboy Spain 1999

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Playboy January 1999 Cover featured by Lenka Beličková

Issue: January 1999
Playmate: Lenka Beličková (photography by Alan Pajer)
Cover: Lenka Beličková (photography by Alan Pajer)

Centerfold Photo: Lenka Beličková (photography by Alan Pajer)

Interview: José Saramago
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Katarina Witt (by Lance Staedler); The Women of Iceland: Birna Willard, Dua, Birta Bjornsdottir, Katia, Zara, Thora Skuladottir, Arngunnur Agisdottir, Lovisa Gudmundsdottir, Arna, Helga Bjorg Kolbenisdottir, Dagny Heidarsdottir, Kristin Arnardottir, Thora Dungal, Edda Run Ragnarsdottir, Runa Magdalena Gudmundsdottir (by Arny Freytag); Playmate of the Year 1998 Contestants: Tiffany Taylor, Julia Schultz, Marliece Andrada, Erica Dahm, Jaclyn Dahm, Nicole Dahm, Angela Little, Maria Luisa Gil, Lisa Dergan, Vanessa Gleason, Deanna Brooks, Laura Cover, Holly Hart, Heather Kozar (by Richard Fegley, Arny Freytag, Stephen Wayda); Joan Severance (by Robert Scott Hooper); Pamela Anderson (by Stephen Wayda); Jaime Bergman (by Stephen Wayda)

Playboy February 1999 Cover featured by Pamela Anderson

Issue: February 1999
Playmate: Jaime Bergman (photography by Stephen Wayda)
Cover: Pamela Anderson (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Centerfold Photo: Jaime Bergman (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Interview: Luís Figo
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Kona Carmack (by Richard Fegley); Stacy Sanches (by Arny Freytag); Bettie Page (by Bunny Yeager); Layla Roberts (by Stephen Wayda); Stacy Fuson (by Arny Freytag)

Playboy March 1999 Cover featured by Anuska Allen Martin

Issue: March 1999
Playmate: Anuska Allen Martin
Cover: Anuska Allen Martin

Centerfold Photo: Anuska Allen Martin

Interview: Gerry Adams

Playboy April 1999 Cover featured by Samantha Torres

Issue: April 1999
Playmate: Alexandria Karlsen (photography by Stephen Wayda, Arny Freytag)
Cover: Samantha Torres (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Centerfold Photo: Alexandria Karlsen (photography by Stephen Wayda, Arny Freytag)

Interview: Nick Nolte (by Lawrence Grobel)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Verena (by Jimi Veil); Brigitte Bardot (by Patrick Morin); Estibaliz Sanz (by J. C. Stewart); Rena Mero (Sable) (by Arny Freytag); NFL Cheerleaders: Bonnie-Jill Laflin, Lisa Marie, Kelli Huckins, Pamela Wellham, Leah-Marie Duryea, Vaneeda Trukowski, Rachel Kerr

Playboy May 1999 Cover featured by Rena Mero (Sable)

Issue: May 1999
Playmate: Estibaliz Sanz (photography by J. C. Stewart)
Cover: Rena Mero (Sable) (photography by Arny Freytag)

Centerfold Photo: Estibaliz Sanz (photography by J. C. Stewart)

Interview: Álex de la Iglesia

Playboy June 1999 Cover featured by Heather Kozar

Issue: June 1999
Playmate: Natalia Sokolova (photography by Stephen Wayda, Arny Freytag)
Cover: Heather Kozar (photography by Arny Freytag)

Centerfold Photo: Natalia Sokolova (photography by Stephen Wayda, Arny Freytag)

Interview: Pedro Guerra

Playboy July 1999 Cover

Issue: July 1999
Playmate: Unknown
Cover: Unknown

Interview: George Lucas

Playboy August 1999 Cover featured by Malena Gracia

Issue: August 1999
Playmate: Kimberly Spicer (photography by Richard Fegley)
Cover: Malena Gracia

Centerfold Photo: Kimberly Spicer (photography by Richard Fegley)

Interview: Mike Tyson (by Mark Kram)

Playboy September 1999 Cover featured by Jenny McCarthy

Issue: September 1999
Playmate: Jennifer Rovero (photography by Arny Freytag, Stephen Wayda)
Cover: Jenny McCarthy (photography by Richard Fegley)

Centerfold Photo: Jennifer Rovero

Interview: Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise

Playboy October 1999 Cover featured by Rena Mero (Sable)

Issue: October 1999
Playmate: Rebecca Scott (photography by Stephen Wayda)
Cover: Rena Mero (Sable) (photography by Arny Freytag)

Interview: Pablo Carbonell

Playboy November 1999 Cover featured by Jennifer Rovero

Issue: November 1999
Playmate: Kristi Cline (photography by Stephen Wayda)
Cover: Jennifer Rovero (photography by Arny Freytag)

Interview: Antonio Banderas

Playboy December 1999 Cover featured by Naomi Campbell

Issue: December 1999
Playmate: Cara Wakelin (photography by Richard Fegley)
Cover: Naomi Campbell (photography by David LaChapelle)

Interview: Pierce Brosnan
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Muriel Härtlein (by Roger Weber)

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