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Playboy USA 1960

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Playboy January 1960 Cover featured by Clayre Peters, Nancy Crawford, Elaine Reynolds, Eleanor Bradley, Yvette Vickers, Donna Lynn, Ellen Stratton

Issue: January 1960
Playmate: Stella Stevens (photography by Frank Schallwig (CF & other photos), Don Ornitz)
Cover: Clayre Peters, Nancy Crawford, Elaine Reynolds, Eleanor Bradley, Yvette Vickers, Donna Lynn, Ellen Stratton (photography by Frank Eck, Barbara Kerr, Justin Kerr, Ron Vogel, Russ Meyer, Frank Bez, William Graham)

Centerfold Photo: Stella Stevens (photography by Frank Schallwig)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playboy's Playmate Review 1959: Clayre Peters, Nancy Crawford, Donna Lynn, Virginia Gordon, Ellen Stratton, Elaine Reynolds, Marianne Gaba, Yvette Vickers, Cindy Fuller, Audrey Daston, Marilyn Hanold, Eleanor Bradley (by Ron Vogel, Lawrence Schiller, Barbara Kerr, Justin Kerr, Bunny Yeager, Bruno Bernard, Russ Meyer, Frank Eck, William Graham)

Playboy February 1960 Cover featured by </b>Collage by Bea Paul<b>

Issue: February 1960
Playmate: Susie Scott (1st) (photography by Mario Casilli)
Cover: Collage by Bea Paul

Centerfold Photo: Susie Scott (1st) (photography by Mario Casilli)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: The Best of Jayne Mansfield (by Hal Adams, Peter Gowland, William Read Woodfield, Earl Leaf, Bernard Wagner, Globe)

Playboy March 1960 Cover featured by Joyce Nizzari

Issue: March 1960
Playmate: Sally Sarell (photography by Louis Capuccine)
Cover: Joyce Nizzari (photography by Leon Kuzmonoff)

Centerfold Photo: Sally Sarell (photography by Louis Capuccine)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Jill St. John (by Russ Meyer)

Playboy April 1960 Cover featured by 'Home Movie Girl' </b>(design by Arthur Paul)<b>

Issue: April 1960
Playmate: Linda Gamble (photography by Mario Casilli)
Cover: 'Home Movie Girl' (design by Arthur Paul)

Centerfold Photo: Linda Gamble (photography by Mario Casilli)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Isabel Sarli

Playboy May 1960 Cover featured by Bev Chamberlain with Girl

Issue: May 1960
Playmate: Ginger Young (photography by Frank Bez)
Cover: Bev Chamberlain with Girl (photography by Dick Boyer)

Centerfold Photo: Ginger Young (photography by Frank Bez)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: The Cannes Film Festival: Kim Novak, Mylène Demongeot, Pascale Petit, Agnès Laurent, Cecilia Cooper, Millie Perkins, Simone Signoret, Sophia Loren (by Dalmas, Jerry White)

Playboy June 1960 Cover featured by Ellen Stratton

Issue: June 1960
Playmate: Delores Wells (photography by Don Bronstein)
Cover: Ellen Stratton (photography by Shigeta-Wright Studios, designed by Arthur Paul)

Centerfold Photo: Delores Wells (photography by Don Bronstein)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playmate of the Year Ellen Stratton (by William Graham)

Playboy July 1960 Cover featured by Collete Berne

Issue: July 1960
Playmate: Teddi Smith (photography by William Graham, Edmund Leja)
Cover: Collete Berne (photography by Mario Casilli)

Centerfold Photo: Teddi Smith (photography by William Graham, Edmund Leja)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'The Nude Look' (by Bunny Yeager & Playboy Studio); 'Photographers & Models Ball' (by David Sutton, Earl Leaf, Southern California ASMP)

Playboy August 1960 Cover featured by The Femlin by LeRoy Neiman

Issue: August 1960
Playmate: Elaine Paul (photography by Frank Eck)
Cover: The Femlin by LeRoy Neiman

Centerfold Photo: Elaine Paul (photography by Frank Eck)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Sophia Loren (by Bob Landry, Phil Stern, Alberto Cocchi, Globe Photos); The Playboy Club: June Wilkinson, Joyce Nizzari, Marli Renfro, Cynthia Maddox, Annette Prescott (by Don Bronstein, Playboy Studio)

Playboy September 1960 Cover featured by Marli Renfro

Issue: September 1960
Playmate: Ann Davis (photography by Don Bronstein)
Cover: Marli Renfro (photography by Don Bronstein)

Centerfold Photo: Ann Davis (photography by Don Bronstein)

Playboy October 1960 Cover featured by Rabbit </b>(illustration by Victor Skrebneski)<b>

Issue: October 1960
Playmate: Kathy Douglas (photography by Mario Casilli)
Cover: Rabbit (illustration by Victor Skrebneski)

Centerfold Photo: Kathy Douglas (photography by Mario Casilli)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: The Girls of Hollywood: Ingrid Goude, Carol Morris, Alicia Mowat, Sally Grajeda, Asa Maynor, Vonne Lester, Betty McGowan, Shiri Everett, Abby Dalton, Susan Weld, Evy Norlund, Tuesday Weld, Maggie Ryan, Ann Atmar, Dion Garrett, Sunny Dean, Yvette Mimieux, Venetia Stevenson, Frances McHale, Margo Moore, Donna Brooks, Caren Griffin, Delilah Dane, Peggy Jacobson, Deanne Wachter, Nancy 'Buni' Bacon, Darryl Keene, Helene Robertson, Melody Ward, Cindy Gray, Barbara Gates, Carolyn Greene, Janet Lake, Mariellen Smith, Gloria Tennes, Terri Higgins, Donalda Jordan, Maureen Dawson, June Wilkinson, Tina Louise (by Russ Meyer, Don Ornitz, Mario Casilli, Bob Willoughby, Paul Morton Smith, Frank Bez, William Claxton, Burr Jerger, Tom Kelley, Sherman Weisburd, Lawrence Schiller, Ron Vogel, Frank Schallwig, John Mechling, Patrick Morin)

Playboy November 1960 Cover featured by June Wilkinson

Issue: November 1960
Playmate: Joni Mattis (photography by Jerry White)
Cover: June Wilkinson (photography by Ray Komorski)

Centerfold Photo: Joni Mattis (photography by Jerry White)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: June Wilkinson (by Mario Casilli, Mike Shea, Pompeo Posar, Don Bronstein)

Playboy December 1960 Cover featured by Teddi Smith

Issue: December 1960
Playmate: Carol Eden (photography by William Graham)
Cover: Teddi Smith (photography by Playboy Studio)

Centerfold Photo: Carol Eden (photography by William Graham)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Marilyn Monroe (by William Read Woodfield, André de Dienes, Tom Kelley, Laszlo Willinger, Milton H. Greene, Jack Stager, Dick Miller); Five Favorite Christmas Playmates: Ellen Stratton, Linda Vargas, Lisa Winters, Janet Pilgrim, Joyce Nizzari (by Frank Bez, Herbert Melford, Bunny Yeager, Arthur James)

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