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Playboy USA 1973

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Playboy January 1973 Cover featured by Linda Summers, Lenna Sjööblom (Lena Söderberg), Marilyn Cole, Deanna Baker, Ellen Michaels

Issue: January 1973
Playmate: Miki Garcia (photography by Mario Casilli)
Cover: Linda Summers, Lenna Sjööblom (Lena Söderberg), Marilyn Cole, Deanna Baker, Ellen Michaels (photography by Dwight Hooker, Bruce McBroom, Alexas Urba, Bill Figge, Edward DeLong, collage by Beatrice Paul, collage photo by Richard Fegley)

Centerfold Photo: Miki Garcia (photography by Mario Casilli)

Interview: Carroll O'Connor (by Richard Warren Lewis)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playboy's Playmate Review 1972: Linda Summers, Vicki Peters, Carol O'Neal, Debbie Davis, Lenna Sjööblom, Mercy Rooney, Sharon Johansen, Ellen Michaels, Susan Miller, Deanna Baker, P.J. Lansing, Marilyn Cole (by Mario Casilli, Richard Fegley, Bill Figge, Mel Figge, Dwight Hooker, Bruce McBroom, Pompeo Posar, Alexas Urba); Impossible Object: Dominique Sanda, Anna Maria Massetani (Lea Massari), Christine Ferry, Michele Henderson, Mala Fox, Alan Bates (by Raymond Depardon); 'Turn-Ons Models' (by Pete Turner); Carol Imhof

Playboy February 1973 Cover featured by Jeanette Larson

Issue: February 1973
Playmate: Cyndi Wood (photography by Pompeo Posar)
Cover: Jeanette Larson (photography by Pompeo Posar)

Centerfold Photo: Cyndi Wood (photography by Pompeo Posar)

Interview: Milton Friedman (by Michael Laurence, Geoffrey Norman)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Two to 'Tango': Maria Schneider, Marlon Brando (by Raymond Depardon); The Ziegfeld Girls: Imogene 'Bubbles' Wilson, Anna Held, Nora Bayes, Marilyn Miller, Kay Laurell (by Mario Casilli)

Playboy March 1973 Cover featured by Mercy Rooney

Issue: March 1973
Playmate: Bonnie Large (photography by Bill Figge, Mel Figge)
Cover: Mercy Rooney (photography by Dwight Hooker)

Centerfold Photo: Bonnie Large (photography by Bill Figge, Mel Figge)

Interview: Joe Frazier (by Carl Snyder)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Edy Williams (by Russ Meyer); 'Evil' Doings: Samantha Eggar, Sheila Sullivan, Robert Culp (by Bob Willoughby); 'Legends of Their Own Time' (by Bill Arsenault)

Playboy April 1973 Cover featured by Lenna Sjööblom (Lena Söderberg)

Issue: April 1973
Playmate: Julie Woodson (photography by David Chan)
Cover: Lenna Sjööblom (Lena Söderberg) (photography by Don Azuma)

Centerfold Photo: Julie Woodson (photography by David Chan)

Interview: Tennessee Williams (by C. Robert Jennings)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Linda Lovelace (by Richard Fegley); Dayle Haddon (by Richard Bennett Taylor); 'Women - With a Twist' (by André de Dienes)

Playboy May 1973 Cover featured by Bernie Becker

Issue: May 1973
Playmate: Anulka Dziubinska (photography by Pompeo Posar)
Cover: Bernie Becker (photography by Bill Arsenault, designed by Bob Post)

Centerfold Photo: Anulka Dziubinska (photography by Pompeo Posar)

Interview: Huey P. Newton (by Lee Lockwood)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Barbara Leigh (by Charles W. Bush); 'Sex and the Automobile' (by Robert Scott Hooper); 'This Sporting Life' (by Richard Fegley)

Playboy June 1973 Cover featured by Marilyn Cole

Issue: June 1973
Playmate: Ruthy Ross (photography by Rick Cluthe, Richard Hewett, Carl Iri, Mindas, Mario Casilli (CF photo))
Cover: Marilyn Cole (photography by Dwight Hooker, designed by Tom Staebler)

Centerfold Photo: Ruthy Ross (photography by Mario Casilli)

Interview: Walter Cronkite (by Ron Powers)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Woman's Work: Mary Bacon, Carol Fulton, Cynthia Calhoun, Pam Sweet, Betty Ortega, Lynn Gayle, Ann Lello (by J. Frederick Smith, David Chan); Playmate of the Year 1973 Marilyn Cole (by Richard Fegley, Larry Dale Gordon, Dwight Hooker, Alexas Urba); 'Taking the Plunge' (by Don Azuma)

Playboy July 1973 Cover featured by Karen Christy

Issue: July 1973
Playmate: Martha Smith (photography by Pompeo Posar (CF & colour photos), Robert Phillips (B&W photos))
Cover: Karen Christy (photography by Don Azuma, designed by Len Willis)

Centerfold Photo: Martha Smith (photography by Pompeo Posar)

Interview: Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (by David Standish)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Tisa Farrow (by Mario Casilli); Tina Cristiani (Tina of the Tanbark) (by Alexas Urba); Sainted Bond: Jane Seymour, Gloria Hendry, Rosie Carver (by John Bryson, Terry O'Neill)

Playboy August 1973 Cover featured by Cyndi Wood

Issue: August 1973
Playmate: Phyllis Coleman (photography by Edward DeLong, Bill Figge, Mel Figge)
Cover: Cyndi Wood (photography by Richard Fegley)

Centerfold Photo: Phyllis Coleman (photography by Edward DeLong, Bill Figge, Mel Figge)

Interview: David Halberstam
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Heather Menzies (by Mario Casilli); Porno Chic: Harry Reems, Judith Crist, Jim Buckley, Linda Lovelace, Elizabeth Donavan, Tina Russell, John C. Holmes, Jason Russell, Calvin Culver (Casey Donovan), Rick Cassidy, Michelle Magazine, Rene Bond, Marc Stevens, Marilyn Chambers (by Jeff Cohen, Richard Fegley, Ray Fisher, Larry Dale Gordon, Ken Howard, Carl Iri, J. Barry O'Rourke, Pompeo Posar, Joel Sussman); 'An Eye for the Future' (by Bill Arsenault)

Playboy September 1973 Cover featured by Ariel Jones

Issue: September 1973
Playmate: Geri Glass (photography by Mario Casilli)
Cover: Ariel Jones (photography by J. Frederick Smith, designed by Arthur Paul)

Centerfold Photo: Geri Glass (photography by Mario Casilli)

Interview: Panel on New Sexual Life Styles
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Victoria Principal (by Mario Casilli); Lee Meredith (by Carl Fischer)

Playboy October 1973 Cover featured by Sheila Ryan

Issue: October 1973
Playmate: Valerie Lane (photography by Bill Figge, Mel Figge)
Cover: Sheila Ryan (photography by Richard Fegley)

Centerfold Photo: Valerie Lane (photography by Bill Figge, Mel Figge)

Interview: Pete Rozelle (by Lawrence Linderman)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Sacheen Littlefeather (by Michael Kornafel); Bunnies of 1973: Gwen Wong, Jillian Bergamo, Toby Ostreicher, Zee Tomkins, Park Lane, Bridge Ryan, Karin Sims, Coke White, Alyson Merkel, Jill deVier, Jan Seratt, Terri Striebel, Linda Sorensen, Sara Reynolds, Coni Hugee, Carol Vitale, Ruthy Ross, Bonita Lou Rossi, Nancy Turner, Carolyn Larkin, Cher Miller, Terri Johnson, Simone Pertuiset, Lorraine Turrell, Sue Huggy, Kacey Cobb (by Mario Casilli, David Chan, Richard Fegley, Ken Goldberg, Larry Dale Gordon, Brian Hennessey, Dwight Hooker, Carl Iri, Pompeo Posar); Ruthy Ross

Playboy November 1973 Cover featured by Anne Randall

Issue: November 1973
Playmate: Monica Tidwell (photography by Bill Frantz, Dwight Hooker)
Cover: Anne Randall (photography by Mario Casilli)

Centerfold Photo: Monica Tidwell (photography by Bill Frantz, Dwight Hooker)

Interview: James Dickey (by Geoffrey Norman)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Ursula Andress (by John Derek); 'The Skin Game' (by Richard Fegley); 'A New Leaf' (by Mario Casilli); Julie Woodson; 'Sex in Cinema 1973'

Playboy December 1973 Cover featured by Bonita Lou Rossi

Issue: December 1973
Playmate: Christine Maddox (photography by Richard Fegley)
Cover: Bonita Lou Rossi (photography by Bill Arsenault)

Centerfold Photo: Christine Maddox (photography by Richard Fegley)

Interview: Bob Hope (by William Murray)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Barbara Klein (Barbi Benton) (by Mario Casilli); Pinups Models (illustration by Kerig Pope, photography by Bill Arsenault); 'Presto! Change-O!' (by Mario Casilli); Marilyn Cole; Sex Stars of 1973

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