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Playboy Venezuela 2015

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Playboy January 2015 Cover featured by Lane Elizabeth

Issue: January 2015
Playmate: Melissa Anne Teixeira (photography by Mike Prado)
Cover: Lane Elizabeth (photography by John Zelezny)

Centerfold Photo: Melissa Anne Teixeira (photography by Mike Prado)

Interview: Héctor Palma, Antonio Martín (by Jeska Lee Ruiz)
20Q: Jean Mary (by Alfredo Sánchez)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Lidia Sanders (by Robert Causari); Dijana Lemon (by Damir Kovačić, Davor Obranić); Ruby Palm (by Joel Flora); Elsa Day (by Nino Batista); Elena Romanova (by Frank Zhen)

Playboy February 2015 Cover featured by Olga Loera

Issue: February 2015
Playmate: Marissa Everhart (photography by Doug Ochoa)
Cover: Olga Loera (photography by John Gray, Oscar Picazo)

Centerfold Photo: Marissa Everhart (photography by Doug Ochoa)

Interview: David Fincher (by Stephen Rebello)
20Q: Clarissa Sánchez (by José Zumeta)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Leslie Fontaine (by Nino Batista); Samantha Shane (by David Elliott); Eva Cifrová (by Mario Gotti); Bianca Rassou (by Dimitris Delis); Lane Elizabeth (by John Zelezny)

Playboy March 2015 Cover featured by Khloë Terae

Issue: March 2015
Playmate: Graciela Vásquez (photography by David Maris)
Cover: Khloë Terae (photography by Joel Alvarez)

Centerfold Photo: Graciela Vásquez (photography by David Maris)

Interview: Juan Manuel Laguardia (Fullchola) (by Marco Torrealba)
20Q: Sergio Cabeza, Gustavo Mujica, David Molina, Alexis González, Roberto Dell ('La Última Thule' Band) (by Orealba Soriano)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Charlie Riina (by Anthony Randall); Ivy Ferguson (by Francis Gamboa); Olga Loera (by John Gray, Oscar Picazo)

Playboy April 2015 Cover featured by Gaby Rojas

Issue: April 2015
Playmate: Helen de Muro (photography by Joel Alvarez)
Cover: Gaby Rojas (photography by David Maris)

Centerfold Photo: Helen de Muro (photography by Joel Alvarez)

Interview: Carlos Aguilar (by Orealba Soriano)
20Q: Carlos Camacho (by José Zumeta)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Julia Rosa (by Martin Šebesta, Phil Brideaux/Eikona); Kirsten Hart (by Quang Luong); Adel Vakula (by Dmitry Denisov); Khloë Terae (by Joel Alvarez)

Playboy May 2015 Cover featured by Catherine Elizabeth

Issue: May 2015
Playmate: Katrina Giandiorio (photography by Juan Toro Diez)
Cover: Catherine Elizabeth (photography by Joel Alvarez)

Centerfold Photo: Katrina Giandiorio (photography by Juan Toro Diez)

Interview: Juan Carlos Ramírez (by Víctor Antonio Martín)
20Q: Ramón Fumadó (by Marco Lira)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Christina Dronkowski (by Carl Blum): Barbara Desiree Kovach (by Scott Byler); Viktorija Manzinni (by Ivana Krešić); Gaby Rojas (by David Maris)

Playboy June 2015 Cover featured by Joan Divine

Issue: June 2015
Playmate: Karolina Vaivada (Kara Lina) (photography by Anthony Randall)
Cover: Joan Divine (photography by Thomas Samsøe)

Centerfold Photo: Karolina Vaivada (Kara Lina) (photography by Anthony Randall)

Interview: Guillermo Tell (El Gato) (by Nelson Muñoz)
20Q: Sócrates Serrano (by Jeska Lee Ruiz)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Julie Chimenti (Julie Barbie) (by Anthony Randall); Kimmy Anne (by Scott Schisler); Catherine Elizabeth (by Joel Alvarez)

Playboy July 2015 Cover featured by Brooke Knight

Issue: July 2015
Playmate: Holly Spencer (photography by Joe Damaso)
Cover: Brooke Knight (photography by Lee Hagen)

Centerfold Photo: Holly Spencer (photography by Joe Damaso)

Interview: 1. Massimiliano Antonio Cavalera (Max Cavalera) / 2. Mick Jagger (by 1. Jardel Sebba / 2. Odran Ednoc)
20Q: El Show de la Mañana: Víctor Sánchez, Rafael Cadavieco (by Nelson Muñoz)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Savannah Casey (by David Elliott); Stephanie LeBeau (by Shannon Fontaine); Heather Van Viper (by Belinda Garen); Rhiannon (by Belinda Garen); Joan Divine (by Thomas Samsøe)

Playboy August 2015 Cover featured by Stephany Olivar

Issue: August 2015
Playmate: Nasia Jansen (photography by William Ramos / WJRParks Photography)
Cover: Stephany Olivar (photography by Eduardo Álvarez)

Centerfold Photo: Stephany Olivar (photography by Eduardo Álvarez)

Interview: Greivis Vásquez (by Nelson Muñoz)
20Q: Manuel Díaz Casanova
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Meghan Leopard (by Paul Venomous); Lexy Sim (by Joel Alvarez); Brooke Knight (by Lee Hagen)

Playboy September 2015 Cover featured by Adrienn Lévai

Issue: September 2015
Playmate: Amy Nicole Moore (photography by Doug Ochoa)
Playmate: Djane To-Ya (photography by Robert Causari Robert Causari)
Playmate: Angie Vu Ha (photography by Abreum Garcia)
Playmate: Juliana (photography by Abreum Garcia)
Cover: Adrienn Lévai (photography by Péter Antal)

Centerfold Photo: Djane To-Ya (photography by Robert Causari Robert Causari)

Interview: Robbert van de Corput (DJ Hardwell) (by René Rincón)
20Q: DJ Victor Porfidio (by Zaida Noheli)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Stephany Olivar (by Eduardo Álvarez)

Playboy October 2015 Cover featured by Diosa Canales

Issue: October 2015
Playmate: Diosa Canales (photography by Jared Pimienta)
Cover: Diosa Canales (photography by Jared Pimienta)

Centerfold Photo: Diosa Canales (photography by Jared Pimienta)

Interview: 1. Crisbel Henríquez / 2. Luis Silva (by 1. Marjuli Matheus / 2. Eliezer Benavides)
20Q: Michelle Posada (by Nelson Muñoz)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Stormi Maya (by Steven Ruegnitz); Stephany Olivar (by Eduardo Álvarez); Chanelle Anja Kuhn (by Quang Luong); Adrienn Lévai (by Péter Antal); Crisbel Henríquez (by Richard González)

Playboy November 2015 Cover featured by Monica Monroe

Issue: November 2015
Playmate: Melissa Rae (photography by Doug Ochoa)
Cover: Monica Monroe (photography by Oscar Picazo)

Centerfold Photo: Monica Monroe (photography by Oscar Picazo)

Interview: Carlos Vives (by René Rincón)
20Q: DJ Pierre Roelens, DJ Tons (by Eliezer Benavides)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Lina Martini (by Joel Alvarez); Ethelle Littlefield (by Doug Ochoa); Diosa Canales (by Jared Pimienta); Márcia Spézia (by J.R.Duran)

Playboy December 2015 Cover featured by Chloe Khan

Issue: December 2015
Playmate: Courtney Cay (photography by Doug Ochoa)
Cover: Chloe Khan (photography by Chrissy Littlefair)

Centerfold Photo: Chloe Khan (photography by Chrissy Littlefair)

Interview: Marité Otero
20Q: Jamie Sasson
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Anna Tomaszewska (by Robert Causari); Jordan Bellamy (by Doug Ochoa)

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