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Playboy Lithuania 2009

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Playboy January 2009 Cover featured by Oksana Pikul, Marina Daščenka, Skaistė Steikūnaitė ('Olialia Pupytės' Group)

Issue: January 2009
Playmate: Juliane Raschke (photography by Irene Schaur)
Cover: Oksana Pikul, Marina Daščenka, Skaistė Steikūnaitė ('Olialia Pupytės' Group)

Interview: Noam Homsky
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Sophia Loren

Playboy February 2009 Cover featured by Vaida Židonytė

Issue: February 2009
Playmate: Eglė Jurčaitė (Monika Egle) (photography by Monika Požerskytė)
Cover: Vaida Židonytė (photography by Gediminas Žilinskas)

Interview: Monica Bellucci
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Jennifer Campbell, Natalie Campbell (by Stephen Wayda); Kim Basinger

Playboy March 2009 Cover featured by Rasa Kaušiūtė

Issue: March 2009
Playmate: Izabela Mika (photography by Wojtek Bąkiewicz)
Cover: Rasa Kaušiūtė

Interview: Richard Branson
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Veronika Zemanova; Stephanie Seymour

Playboy April-May 2009 Cover featured by Jolanta Leonavičiūtė

Issue: April-May 2009
Playmate: Aleksandra Dovgialo
Cover: Jolanta Leonavičiūtė

Interview: 1. Rimas Kurtinaitis / 2. Vytautas Tomkus / 3. Clint Eastwood
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Holly Madison; Pamela Anderson; Bea Hargitai

Playboy June 2009 Cover featured by Kristina Tučkutė

Issue: June 2009
Playmate: Kristina Tučkutė (photography by Gediminas Žilinskas)
Cover: Kristina Tučkutė (photography by Gediminas Žilinskas)

Centerfold Photo: Kristina Tučkutė (photography by Gediminas Žilinskas)

Interview: Mickey Rourke
20Q: Saulius Vikšraitis, Tautrimas Aštrauskas
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Women of Wall Street: Regina Chapman, Maria Pearson, Alicia Taylor, Tinea Smith, Tara DeGregorio, Katherine Bhuckdwonges (by Arny Freytag); Alena Fesunenko (by Alexander Morderer)

Playboy July 2009 Cover featured by Kariną Krysko, Nijolė Pareigytė, Goda Sabutytė ('69 Danguje' group)

Issue: July 2009
Playmate: Andreja Karba (photography by Ivana Krešić)
Cover: Kariną Krysko, Nijolė Pareigytė, Goda Sabutytė ('69 Danguje' group) (photography by Tomas Kauneckas)

Centerfold Photo: Andreja Karba (photography by Ivana Krešić)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Magdalena Psiuk & Karolina Urban (by Szymon Brodziak)

Playboy August 2009 Cover featured by Rima Triškutė

Issue: August 2009
Playmate: Andreea Mantea (photography by Dragoş Cristescu)
Cover: Rima Triškutė (photography by Gediminas Žilinskas)

Centerfold Photo: Andreea Mantea (photography by Dragoş Cristescu)

Interview: Ignas Staškevičius
20Q: Josh Holloway (by Stephen Rebello)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Justina (by Arūnas Švelnas); Karina (by Giedrius Jankauskas, Liudas Masys)

Playboy September 2009 Cover featured by Inna Popenko

Issue: September 2009
Playmate: Kristina Zemskova (photography by Gediminas Žilinskas)
Cover: Inna Popenko (photography by Sergey Romanov)

Centerfold Photo: Kristina Zemskova (photography by Gediminas Žilinskas)

Interview: Ramūnas Butautas
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Katarzyna Szafron (by Mikael Robertson); Golf Girls: Kristina Petina, Greta Ludziejewska, Solveiga Mykolaitytė (by Lifebeach, Mikael Robertson, Tomas Kauneckas)

Playboy October 2009 Cover featured by Sandra Chlevickaitė

Issue: October 2009
Playmate: Olga Michailova (photography by Raimundas Adžgauskas)
Cover: Sandra Chlevickaitė (photography by Raimundas Adžgauskas)

Centerfold Photo: Olga Michailova (photography by Raimundas Adžgauskas)

Interview: Raimundas Šilanskas
20Q: Bryan Adams
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Kissed by the Tuscan Sun: Lucia, Monika, Laura, Ida (by Guido Argentini)

Playboy November 2009 Cover featured by Marge Simpson </b>(illustration by Julius Preite)<b>

Issue: November 2009
Playmate: Kristina Juodeikytė (photography by Reda Mickevičiūtė)
Cover: Marge Simpson (illustration by Julius Preite)

Interview: Victor Uspaskich
20Q: Matt Groening
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Triana Iglesias (by Juan Cruz Durán); Castle of Dracula: Katarzyna Danysz-Żelewska & Weronika Żurkowska (by Szymon Brodziak)

Playboy December 2009 Cover featured by Eglė Jurčaitė, Agnė Greičiūtė, Algirdas Kaušpėdas

Issue: December 2009
Playmate: Neringa Mažeikienė (photography by Raimundas Adžgauskas)
Cover: Eglė Jurčaitė, Agnė Greičiūtė, Algirdas Kaušpėdas (photography by Raimundas Adžgauskas)

Interview: James Cameron (by Stephen Rebello)
20Q: Algirdas Kaušpėdas
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Alina Puscau (by Brett Ratner)

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