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Playboy Portugal 2018

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Playboy January 2018 Cover featured by Talita Cogo

Issue: January 2018
Playmate: Margarida Coelho (photography by Bernardo Coelho)
Cover: Talita Cogo (photography by Bernardo Coelho)

Playboy February 2018 Cover featured by Mishelle Papáčová

Issue: February 2018
Playmate: Mishelle Papáčová (photography by Jozef Kadela)
Cover: Mishelle Papáčová (photography by Jozef Kadela)

Interview: Christie A. Hefner (by Stephen Rebello)
20Q: Paulo Furtado (The Legendary Tigerman) (by Hugo Vinagre)

Playboy March 2018 Cover featured by Ana Paula Saad

Issue: March 2018
Playmate: Clara René (photography by Bernardo Coelho)
Cover: Ana Paula Saad (photography by Bernardo Coelho)

Interview: Tiago Monteiro (by Hugo Vinagre)
20Q: 'Linda Martini' Band: Hélio Morais, Pedro Geraldes, Cláudia Guerreiro, André Henriques (by Hugo Vinagre, Rafaela Andrade)

Playboy April 2018 Cover featured by Alexandra Rocha

Issue: April 2018
Playmate: Olga De Mar (photography by Ana Dias)
Cover: Alexandra Rocha (photography by Bernardo Coelho)

Interview: Matthew McConaughey
20Q: Guilherme Duarte (by Hugo Vinagre, Rafaela Andrade)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Sandra Kubicka

Playboy May 2018 Cover featured by Rosie Oliveira

Issue: May 2018
Playmate: Monica Wasp (photography by Ana Dias)
Cover: Rosie Oliveira

Interview: Eduardo Andrés Lopez (Chakall) (by Hugo Vinagre, Rafaela Andrade)
20Q: Jimmy P (by Hugo Vinagre, Rafaela Andrade)

Playboy June 2018 Cover featured by Suzy Cortez

Issue: June 2018
Playmate: Romina Cartolari (photography by Bernardo Coelho)
Cover: Suzy Cortez (photography by Bernardo Coelho)

Interview: Manuel João Vieira (by Hugo Vinagre, Rafaela Andrade)
20Q: Michael Imperioli (by Hugo Vinagre, Rafaela Andrade)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Nina Daniele (by Jennifer Stenglein)

Playboy July 2018 Cover featured by Silvia Louzada

Issue: July 2018
Playmate: Valeria Lakhina (photography by Ana Dias)
Cover: Silvia Louzada (photography by Bernardo Coelho)

Interview: Álvaro Covões (by Hugo Vinagre, Rafaela Andrade)
20Q: Hélio Morais, Makoto Yagyu (PAUS Band) (by Hugo Vinagre, Rafaela Andrade)

Playboy August 2018 Cover featured by Bogi Kovács

Issue: August 2018
Playmate: Cassandra Dawn (photography by Kyle Deleu)
Cover: Bogi Kovács

Interview: Kathy Griffin (by Shane Michael Singh)
20Q: André Filipe de Oliveira (Piruka) (by Hugo Vinagre)

Playboy September 2018 Cover featured by Fabiana Britto

Issue: September 2018
Playmate: Olga Kobzar (photography by Ana Dias)
Cover: Fabiana Britto (photography by Emanuele Jeane Appendino)

Interview: Pedro Pinto (by Hugo Vinagre)

Playboy October 2018 Cover featured by Marisa Papen

Issue: October 2018
Playmate: Lily Gilbert (photography by Luis Gomez)
Cover: Marisa Papen (photography by Ana Dias)

Interview: António Manuel Neves Ferrão (Toy) (by Hugo Vinagre, Rafaela Andrade)
20Q: Fernando Alle (by Rafaela Andrade)

Playboy November 2018 Cover featured by Yeva Lemkova

Issue: November 2018
Playmate: Stacey Paulaa
Cover: Yeva Lemkova

Interview: The Beatles (from Playboy Archive)
20Q: Karla Rodrigues (Blaya) (by Hugo Vinagre)

Playboy December 2018 Cover featured by Poliana de Paula

Issue: December 2018
Playmate: Mia Dolls (photography by Bernardo Coelho)
Cover: Poliana de Paula

Interview: Nuno Gomes (by Hugo Vinagre)
20Q: Luís Aguilar (by Hugo Vinagre)

Playboy Winter 2018/2019 Special Edition Cover featured by Viviane Bordin

Issue: Winter 2018/2019 Special Edition
Playmate: Unknown
Cover: Viviane Bordin (photography by Davi Borges)

Interview: Rúben Branco (by Rafaela Andrade)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Kirby Griffin (by Ali Mitton); Kayla Garvin (by Dove Shore)

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