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Playboy Greece 1987

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Playboy January 1987 Cover featured by 'Oh, Calcutta!' Musical

Issue: January 1987
Playmate: Dominique Guirous
Cover: 'Oh, Calcutta!' Musical

Interview: Michael Cacoyannis

Playboy February 1987 Cover featured by Marilyn Monroe

Issue: February 1987
Playmate: Laurie Ann Carr (photography by Arny Freytag)
Cover: Marilyn Monroe (photography by Earl Moran)

Interview: Mickey Rourke
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Marilyn Monroe (by Tom Kelley, Earl Moran); Melanie Griffith & Don Johnson (by Richard Fegley)

Playboy March 1987 Cover featured by Maria Andreou

Issue: March 1987
Playmate: Maria Andreou (photography by Katerina Marianou)
Cover: Maria Andreou (photography by Katerina Marianou)

Centerfold Photo: Maria Andreou

Interview: Stavros Mihalarias
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Grace Jones (by Helmut Newton); 'Oh, Babylon!'; 'Carnival '87'

Playboy April 1987 Cover featured by Rabbit Head </b>(illustration by Romain de Tirtoff (Erté))<b>

Issue: April 1987
Playmate: Vivian Sideridou (photography by Francesco Sbano)
Cover: Rabbit Head (illustration by Romain de Tirtoff (Erté))

Interview: Alexandros Lykourezos
20Q: Vasilis Papakonstantinou
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playboy's Playmate Review: Penny Baker, Carol Ficatier, Maria Konti, Patty Duffek, Electra Terzi, Teri Weigel, Rebecca Ferratti, Ava Fabian, Kathy Shower, Elena Tsilivi, Katherine Hushaw, Julie McCullough (by Arny Freytag, Richard Fegley, Stephen Wayda, Kerry Morris, Takis Diamantopoulos, etc.); 'Geisha' (by Hideki Fujii)

Playboy May 1987 Cover featured by Dimitra Galani

Issue: May 1987
Playmate: Ioulieta Kastraveli (photography by Tasos Pavlidis)
Cover: Dimitra Galani (photography by Dinos Diamantopoulos)

Centerfold Photo: Ioulieta Kastraveli (photography by Tasos Pavlidis)

Interview: Dimitra Galani
20Q: Alketas Panagoulias
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Marie-Anne Chamel (by Patrick Magaud); 'Anthem to Paris' (by Patrick Magaud)

Playboy June 1987 Cover featured by Mary Chronopoulou

Issue: June 1987
Playmate: Linda Giga (photography by Stefanos Paschos)
Cover: Mary Chronopoulou (photography by Dinos Diamantopoulos)

Centerfold Photo: Linda Giga (photography by Stefanos Paschos)

Interview: Prince Norodom Sihanouk

Playboy July 1987 Cover featured by Anastasia Peraki

Issue: July 1987
Playmate: Anastasia Peraki (photography by Pavlos Efthimiou)
Cover: Anastasia Peraki (photography by Pavlos Efthimiou)

Centerfold Photo: Anastasia Peraki (photography by Pavlos Efthimiou)

Interview: Dimitris Saravakos
20Q: Nikos Papazoglou
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Janet Jones (by Stephen Wayda); 'Like Blossoming In Desert' (by Patrick Magaud)

Playboy August 1987 Cover featured by Sandy Greenberg

Issue: August 1987
Playmate: Sandy Greenberg (photography by Stephen Wayda)
Cover: Sandy Greenberg (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Interview: Arthur C. Clarke
20Q: Pantelis Lazaridis

Playboy September 1987 Cover featured by 'A Day Before Yesterday'

Issue: September 1987
Playmate: Marina Baker (photography by Byron Newman)
Cover: 'A Day Before Yesterday' (photography by Lazaros Pantos)

Interview: Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda Marcos (by Ken Kelley, Phil Bronstein)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Mara Voukidou (by Dinos Diamantopoulos)

Playboy October 1987 Cover featured by Jenny Vergidou

Issue: October 1987
Playmate: Jenny Vergidou (photography by Takis Diamantopoulos)
Cover: Jenny Vergidou (photography by Takis Diamantopoulos)

Interview: Nikos Nikolaidis
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Ilona Staller (Cicciolina) (by Riccardo Schicchi, Stathis Giannopoulos)

Playboy November 1987 Cover featured by Manuella Papataki

Issue: November 1987
Playmate: Cristina Garavaglia
Cover: Manuella Papataki (photography by Lazaros Pantos)

Interview: Daniel Ortega (by Claudia Dreifus)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Maryam d'Abo (by Stephen Wayda)

Playboy December 1987 Cover featured by Polina Misailidou

Issue: December 1987
Playmate: Brandi Brandt (photography by Stephen Wayda)
Cover: Polina Misailidou

Interview: Velimir Zagets
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'Sex in Cinema '87-88'

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